Jello Legs + Sweat = Radiance

Hello, World, and all its beautiful inhabitants. I’m back. Same idea, different location.

Last week, I made a list of 100 goals. One of my goals was to revive my blog. I want to…Write. Shit. Down. Lay my thoughts out in text. Here. In this blog about my life and shit.

So, here I am. Maybe you’re here, too. Maybe people read this, maybe they don’t but even if they don’t, I am writing and that was my goal! Whoooo! I have stuff to offer in my head and heart and I am excited for what is to come so I’m going to keep writing and writing some more. You’ll read it eventually. Wink!

It’s been one week today, since I participated rather reluctantly, in Transformation Weekend with Erin Skye Kelly at Infinite Strength Wellness Fitness Centre and well, I feel I have been transformed like some kind of butterfly or something. It’s actually pretty amazing. Not even shittin’ ya.


I tried to talk myself out not going because it was a Saturday and I like to do nothing on Saturday – it’s one of my days off and all. Plus, I don’t have a social life and I really like just chilling around the house and staying in PJs. Hey! There’s nothing wrong with that!

I texted the owner, Toni, who is also a friend from her NLC Recruiter days and tried to get her to tell me something that would be the deal breaker for me.

“Is there going to be tables and chairs?” I texted. “I don’t want to be sitting on yoga mats and shit all day, ” dreading it already. Not that I have anything against yoga or mats, I just really tried to talk myself out of not going. All the while bitching out my cousin, Crystal, because she was feeling the same. I can jam out but she can’t I rationalized. I talked her in to registering, after all. Eye roll.

“Tables and chairs,” Toni texted back, “Trust. Come, it’ll be good.”

That was it. I went. I couldn’t jam on Toni when she’s been there with me through a lot of ups and downs and I wanted to support her doing this for Fort Nelson. Like, I was doing her some sort of favour, right? Eye roll. I had to tell myself what the hell ever I could to make myself go. That was it and I went. Have to support the friends!

I am so fucking happy and have never felt this alive.


Saturday came and I got my socks knocked off. I felt like I’ve not felt in a long, long time – ALIVE! Focused and clear. I don’t want to talk too much about Transformation Weekend because it will be different for everyone and I don’t want to ruin the excitement for you. I will say, though, I’m beyond grateful for the spark it lit within me. I feel revived.

Remember the 100 goals I mentioned? Well, one of them was to lose weight and today I started my gym sessions with Toni! Yayyy! I turned 42 and have been telling myself for some time (since I turned 40) that I didn’t want to feel this way anymore and finally, it’s time. Enough talking, more doing. Action, baby! We need action! So I showed up today ready to get sweaty and that’s exactly what happened. I felt like I had accomplished so much in just 40 minutes. I feel alive – still! And, that is super.

I would never have imagined I’d feel this great in just one week all because I took time out of my weekend and took care of ME! I’m worth it.

Jello legs + sweat = radiance. I am beaming inside AND out and that is what life is all about. This place of peace.




I am so fucking happy and have never felt this alive. 42 is going to be the best one yet!




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