Vote Renee!

Good evening, members. Thank you for your interest and participation in tonight’s candidate’s forum. Unfortunately, I am unable to be in attendance but prepared this statement for your consideration.

As many of you know, I resigned from Council a year ago this November. It wasn’t an easy decision but I had to do what was best for my health at the time. Thankfully, today, I am feeling healthy enough to let my name stand again and I am thankful for the nomination and your continued belief in my abilities.

With that said, I let my name stand because I am an advocate for equality, accountability and transparency. When I was on Council, I tried to ensure that council stayed focused and was clear about their goals, often revisiting past topics to stay the course and be sure Council followed through with what was decided. I believe it’s important to clearly communicate goals and outcomes to Administrators and most importantly, the community. Council has to remember they work FOR the members. The members are their bosses and they are the driving force of our Nation.

Anyone who knows me, knows what I stand for. I believe in organization, clear communication, accountability and positive, healthy leadership. I do my best each day to live in a way that models to my kids and others what I want for our community. I know some people are skeptical because I resigned but their opinions are only that, opinions. They don’t know the fights I fought in Council, the things I stood up for at that table or the topics I pushed forward for our Nation. They only know what they think they know and choose to believe. I’ve done my best to stand up for what is right for all FNFN members, and regardless of the outcome on November 22, that will not change. I will continue to be an advocate for change and strong voice for all, just as I’ve always been. I choose to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Before I go, I’d like to thank those who vote for me, Renee Lomen, and for those of you who don’t. It’ll be the way the community wants it to be and as I said time and time again, being on Council doesn’t change anything, I will still continue to advocate for good, healthy and positive leadership for all because I am FNFN, too. I don’t require a seat on Council to be a voice for the people. Vote for the person you believe the best advocate for YOU.

Good luck to my fellow candidates on November 22!




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