You May Now Take Flight

I quit my job of four years today. I rose to the occasion. I left a job I loved and gave my all to. I loved it enough to let it go because I matter.

In the last 2 months I started reading books to take my mind off the things that had been happening at work and low and behold, the universe (and those books) brought me to today. Here I am. Alive and well, still.

I made a choice, accepted the outcome and I am looking forward to what is to come. It’s a new chapter. I woke up this morning knowing what was coming and decided I would pull some cards to get me in a good head space for this day.

My first card, a Sacred Path card, was the Dreamtime card.

“You are being asked to see with unlimited vision. Our world is pregnant with possibilities. You are now being given the ability to go beyond the accepted reality. You may now take flight.”

My second card, a Native Spirit card, was the Tribal Spirit Dancer card.

“Let go. Say yes to life! Unfurl your wings and fly. Cast aside conventions and restrictions. Laugh. Explore. Go beyond your predictable behaviour. You are on the planet to be free. You’re here to explore, expand, and step in to your extraordinary self. Clear out mental and emotional clutter. Move beyond those situations you have outgrown. This is your time.”

When I went to put those cards away, I realized one had been left behind, so as to not mess with the flow, I read that one, too, it was the Nature Spirits card.

“Be open to the wonders of the universe flooding in to your life. Innocence and delight are abounding. Happiness is on its way! Relax. All is well.”

So, tell me how could I deny that the universe/Creator/God is guiding me in the right direction?

I carry on with the last of my cards, the Angel cards, my quick go-tos. I chose the angel Bridgette card. At first, I was skeptical because it didn’t sound too great. Honestly, it sounded like bad news. The card caption read: “Caution is warranted. Look deeper at this situation before proceeding further.”

“You have asked for Heaven’s guidance and it is given. This situation isn’t right for you. Trust your gut feelings, since that is how I communicate with you. Please don’t worry that this situation is the only opportunity available to you. It isn’t! There is something better waiting for you, but first you will have to free yourself. Clearly, it takes courage and faith to leave a situation that you had vested interest in. You deserve situations that are aligned with love, and you don’t have to settle for anything less.”

Wow, right? I know!! I could not have asked for a clearer message than if my angels showed up on my door and slapped me in the face. That surely put some pep in my step and off to work I went. I know it will all be ok just like yesterday’s by-election outcome. The universe had my back then, too. It just wasn’t my time and I’m completely ok with that. When the time is right, I will know.

So, with all that good stuff, I have more good stuff to share, too. Yes! MORE good stuff. It’s crazy how good it already is and I’m only on day one!! DAY ONE, people!

There’s an amazing book called “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life” and I believe all of t  h  i  s is the result. I read it, I cried and came to the conclusion I am doing the 29 days of gifts and my first gift is going to be to me – I made a final decision about my work woes – I was going to quit. I had to. My well-being is too important to me and to my family to let work consume me one more day. When I made the decision to leave, good things immediately started happening, even before I started the gift giving!

Today, day one, I started giving for real and I’m going to give a gift every day until there’s 29 days done. Maybe I’ll do 29 more, the limits are endless! When I decided I was going to give and be open to abundance, I felt a shift (honestly!) and things have noticeably improved just like that *snap!*! I strongly encourage everyone to read that book. See what happens in your own life. We are worth it. If it helps us and feels good and brings us just as much good in return, the better question is, why wouldn’t we??

I also gifted some of the people I work with and appreciate a final farewell email and told them how much I will miss them and how much I’ve appreciated them, their time and support during my time at FNFN. I will miss my job but nothing compares to taking care of numero uno – me!

Lastly, I also gifted a coworker a card with a warm sentiment appreciating her for her service to our Nation and how much I’ve appreciated her hard work and that she’s remained loyal through all the challenges. She later emailed me said I’d made her cry and thanked me, too. Again, abundance, abundance, abundance!!!

Life is so good. The universe will provide for us granted we believe and are open to the beauty of life and all its gifts. I’m so excited to write and share this journey with you and spend time with my kids and really focus on being present and alive, every day. Onward and upward.


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