What a great day that ended with a Wonder-ful movie with my friend Vick (aka Vicky).

I wrote about some of this on my Facebook status so not much more to share but if you’re not on my friends list, this will be new to you.

This is my Day 2 of the 29 days of giving.

I got up. I Facebook’d in bed before rising. Not the best habit, I know. I threw on my ski pants to let out our Cannon dog and breathed in the cold fresh air of our Northern winter. Refreshing!

I made a coffee and painted a rock that I was going to gift today. So much peacefulness in the morning before the rez rises, kids get up and dogs start barking endlessly at mostly nothing. I leisurely paint my rock and sip my coffee.

Then I realize the time, our son has to take his car to the shop, I have to give him a ride, and I have a medical appointment so yeah, the rush is on. Feeling hurried, I decide against my initial thought, and spray it with a clear finish and eek! The ink runs! Errgh!!

By this time I realize I have 10 minutes to make the appointment and the painting is wrecked but think “life isn’t perfect and she will love it the way it is.”

I go to my appointment, turns out I rushed for nothing, and it’s actually at 1:40 and not 9:40, so aha! Miraculously I instantly have more time to fix my rushed artwork (painted rock) and gift it as I’d originally hoped. Do you recall me mentioning how great the universe is and how it’s all just falling in to place?? See! Isn’t it great?

I pick up the kids and treat us to a chocolate covered donut for breakfast because why not?! Psst! Overwaitea’s are the best.

We get home, I paint my errors, we attend Elders lunch at the Health Centre and check out the gym and realize how amazingly awesome it is! If I was working, who knows when I’ve had time or made time. Today, I had and made time! Yess!

First, I gifted a coworker who loves music with some CDs for her travels and got to give her a big hug and have a good talk about the outcome of my leaving and that it’ll be ok. I think people feel sorry for me but in reality, I made the choice and I will be ok. Promise.

Then, finally, I got to gift my perfectly painted rock to Dr. Lupu. I wanted her to know how much I’ve appreciated her help and support this last year. She was the first person I talked to who got what I was going through and when we had that first talk, I finally felt relieved, that I’d have the help I felt I needed. If you see her, maybe the rock will still be on her desk.

Before I gave it to her this afternoon, I held it with both hands, smudged it and prayed to pack it with all the good she deserves so she can continue to help others in our communities. During my visit, I told her how much the book she suggested I read “The Bully at Work”, made sense and made me see that I wasn’t alone and that I had to do what was right for me. It is important to tell the people that impact your life, how thankful you are, and I feel that I did that today. I am so grateful.

She gushed and smiled. She asked what “mahsi cho” means and I told her. She said it was beautiful and didn’t know which side she should have it facing, since it’s painted on both sides. She was genuinely happy for me and for the gift and I could feel it.

So, to end this great day, I got a $50 deduction from my Bell bill and got to go to the movie with my friend, like I mentioned. Its been a great Friday and day 2.

One thought I have is..will I be able to gift every day for 29 days, especially when I like to stay home?! We shall see. If you skip, you start over, as per the book.

Oh yeah, and the other best part of this day?? I talked to my Dad on the phone. It was so good to hear his voice. I love you, Dad.

Thank you, Creator, for this day.


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