Life is Nehzoo

It’s day 3. I have to admit there was some stress over the gift and who the gift would go to. I had no idea what the gift would be let alone who I’d give it to once I figured out what it would be!Most Saturdays I rarely go out, oh my, I thought.

I slept in and did the usual when I got out of bed – let out the dog, made coffee, tidied up. I made some breakfast and decided I’d move the living room around. Not really though, it just went back to the way it was before I moved it the last time.

By then, it was afternoon and I agreed to take my Ma to pick up the pies she bought from the local fundraiser “Grandma’s Pies” and ended up staying for the meat draw so I could see Freddy. I’m happy I stayed, I didn’t win meat but I won $40 on Keno and I got to see Freddy, laugh till my cheeks hurt and give him a big hug before we left. Oh, and I got a meat slap. Frickin’ Freddy!

By 4pm, I still hadn’t gifted anything but shortly after getting home, I had a family member stop by out of the blue and I listened as they vented about life and stress and realized this was my gift. Listening. Being supportive. Helping out to ease their stress. Being present. Gifts are gifts. I don’t believe a gift has to be tangible to be considered a gift. Time, love and help is just as important.

Once my family member left, I was able to start supper and then spend some time painting. Both the kids were out, so I had the house to myself to just paint in peace. That’s the gift to me from the universe… Renee time.

In all this, I see things happening and recognize the positive impact the gifting has had so far. I’ve done more things for myself and with others in this last 2 weeks than I’ve done all year. Seriously. I’ve been crafting, visiting, going to the movies, attending community events.. and it’s only going to get better. I’m excited. Still!

But I’m also tired, so good night.


Photo by Freddy

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